When You Have Hemorrhoids, You Probably Look for Relief Alone

I think it is a problem with venous blood flow that causes the veins of the rectum to get bigger and turn into hemorrhoids. You might have some small ones that do not give you any trouble. When they get inflamed, you are going to be searching for relief. You can end up with mild to severe hemorrhoid pain. Piles are when the hemorrhoids get all inflamed and ugly looking. In searching for relief, I have seen examples of horrendously looking hemorrhoids. I thought mine were bad! Wow! I cannot even imagine. I looked into using VenaPro for relief. It looks like it comes in two bottles, and it is a treatment you can buy yourself. I like that because I am not having surgery for them. Well, if there was no other recourse, I would consider it.

When I have a hard stool, the problem gets exacerbated. So, the other bottle in the VenaPro product is supposed to help with colon health. No hard lumpy stools when it comes time to go to the bathroom is beneficial to those with hemorrhoids. No, they are not something you tell all your friends and family you have. However, I have gotten to be an expert at spotting other people who have them. Over time as the pain ebbs and flows, I catch myself changing my position while seated and getting up to move around. Sitting on some surfaces can be awful. The pressure causes burning and pain. So, I know what I do to relieve the pain, and I see others doing it. It could be just shifting position in a chair often. Whatever it is, I see it because I do it.

Now I have never actually went up to someone and asked them if they had hemorrhoids. However, it does become a bit obvious to those of us who also have them and know what to look for in the behavior of other sufferers. Still, we suffer alone. It is not like we have a support group and shake hands saying something such as, “Hi, I’m John and I have hemorrhoids.” What we do is look for relief. Some turn to surgery if the problem does not abate. I am not up for that, so I sought out homeopathic hemorrhoid relief.


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