Termites Can Destroy a Home

The difficulty of termite infestations is catching them before they’re able to produce a viable Queen. Once a queen has taken root within a home it becomes near impossible to completely be rid of them in any simple manner. For the most part, a home owner is only going to have to fog a home once, maybe twice, if the colony lacks a queen. Once a queen is established it’s necessary to get in contact with termite removal in New York City. There’s nothing shameful about having a termite infestation which seems to be one of the primary motivators behind home owners not calling a pest control company; the shame of having bugs in the home. Truth is, bugs are almost always going to be present inside a house. For the most part they’re going to be unseen, creeping along the inside of walls and doing their best to avoid humans.

Termites are the same; you rarely ever see them out in the open. Instead they spend their time chewing their way through the soft wood of floors, support beams and door frames. If the colony has grown to huge numbers you’ll even find them in the floor. Catching them early is the only sure way to avoid spending hundreds or thousands of dollars. Letting them go out of control is a quick way to having a home declared unlivable. It’s unfortunate but it does happen; they can chew right through the support structures of a house leaving it threatening to collapse, especially if they’ve colonized the floors. They can leave the wood brittle and unable to support any kind of weight. You’ll find this to be a common trait of homes left abandoned; termites move right in and without anyone to stop them, they can bring a house down to its foundation.


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