Started Planning for New Year’s a Bit Late

I am a bit late to this, especially since I am trying to figure out where I can rent a limo bus for the one night of the year that is the busiest for limos. My boss came up with this late, right before we were ready to go out on Christmas holiday break. Of course I had to figure it out while I was at home, as I read more about it, the prospect of finding any kind of reasonable deal for New Year’s eve. It is just something that was not really practical unless you were starting on the task a good time in advance. I found one, but they had held it back for someone else and they planned to charge a premium for it. The boss thought it was crazy what they were asking to rent this vehicle, but of course they knew that there was not any other to be had in the city of Toronto. In fact the boss has a pretty good idea, it makes a lot of sense. He just had it a couple of weeks too late. If you start this search in the middle of December it is likely that you are going to succeed. I would guess that a lot of people are going to book what they want well in advance, but there are going to be plenty of people who put it off until that long before New Year’s Eve. It is not like many of them are going to wait until the last week of the year, and if you do you are going to be lucky to find what you want. There are not a huge number of limo buses out there sitting around, there are only a few places that rent them and they have limited numbers of them.


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