I Wiped out While I Was Skiing

In fact the falling was not the part that hurt me. I was perfectly fine until that tree trunk got in the way. At the same time I was lucky, because you do not have to get up and walk away from this sort of crash. It was a really big bruise, about the same size as a cantaloupe I think, although the color was a much darker shade. At any rate the ski resort was having a fit about it, wanting me to see the doctor there. I ended up seeing a chiropractor in Beverly Hills a few days later. Before than I went to the old ice pack and heat pad thing, which got the swelling down. It did not mend the pain in my lower back though. That was there to stay and there was not any way to get around the fact unless you went to someone who could fix it.

I figured out that I needed a chiropractor pretty quickly. It is not so easy to say a doctor can not help you, but in this case they do not need to do anything because the risks are really great. You simply do not want a guy with a knife messing around with the bones in your back, not unless you have no choice at all. Of course the truth is that you can get really bad outcomes from the chiropractor and you definitely want to make sure that you get one who is not going to make a big screw up. I have not really thought too much about how to choose one of them. It was a good thing for me that I knew who to ask, there is a guy at work who has always had a really bad back and he told me where to go.


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