I Had to Find a Solution for My Interesting Problem

I have had a pet dove for many years. He is so docile and incredibly sweet. Doves are cousins to pigeons, so when I moved to a new place where there are many, I was delighted. Some people don’t like them, but I do. I love the cooing they do. I love the pretty iridescent feathers on their necks, and I love how they bob their heads when they walk around searching for food. But I had never lived around such a large number of them before, and pro help with bird control in New Jersey soon became a reality for me.

We had a lot of pigeons in the state I grew up in, but I had since moved across the country. My new place is in this new state, and I had never seen so many of them in one place. They are everywhere here. I just did not realize that can be a problem for homeowners. For example, when they get on our in your roof, their droppings can cause damage to your shingles if the droppings are not cleaned off often. I am afraid of heights, so there was no way I was going to get up there and do that myself on a weekly basis. I really did not feel like paying someone to do it that often either.

The noise they make when they land loudly on my roof was a bit much, too. I did not want to hurt them, so I tried to put up with both problems. Unfortunately, I soon learned that neither issue was helping me and I had to do something about it before the problem grew so much more worse. The reality is that it is expensive to have new roof shingles put on, and that was something I could not afford any time soon. So, calling in the pros who know how to entice the birds to move to another location was a good solution for me.


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