I Got into a Little Adventure Last Night

I was sort of drunk when it happened, so I could not really give a good excuse for why I hurt my back, although I can say there was a really attractive young lady involved. She had been drinking as well and that probably helped make me seem a lot more charming than I really was. At least it had that effect on her, but the guy who was apparently stalking her did not feel the same way. The next day a friend of mine took me to a Singapore TCM clinic and the lady there did some acupuncture on me, which really did me a whole lot of good. If young do not know, then TCM is an acronym for Traditional Chinese Medicine, although I take little stock in much of it. I do believe in acupuncture since I have experienced it and it has always worked very well for me in the past and also this time as well.

Of course it was a really good thing for me that this other guy was straight out of some sort of slapstick comedy. He started to act like he was Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon, but when it came time for him to do something he was not really up to much. The girl told me that he was not quite right in the head and that he had some delusion that she was his girl. I felt sort of bad after the fact, because after a bit I got upset with it and I gave him a bloody nose. It was a really bloody nose too, within a few seconds the entire front of his shirt seemed to be covered in blood. I guess that he was a bleeder. Of course I hurt myself somewhere along the line and did not notice it until I sobered up the next morning.


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