I Am Playing in a Band

I came here about six months ago, with the intention of earning a diploma in music and becoming a music teacher, but things have worked out differently than I expected. I got really lucky and came together with a really talented group of people who had a pretty strong band. Right now it looks as though it is getting too big for me to stay in school a lot longer. The band was already established when I joined them. They sought me out because their lead guitarist had sort of got himself in a great deal of trouble. It was the sort of thing where you might well decide to leave the state and make it tougher for people to collect a large amount of money from you. That is exactly what he did. I took over the job and then I began to play keyboards too, because we realized that I was a good deal better than the guy we had and he was an adequate replacement for me on the guitar.

At any rate it is pretty much a full time business for the other people involved, three guys and two girls. All of them used to go to school here, but they either quit or graduated and that is what they want me to do now. Some of them have the idea that we can get a record deal, but I do not see that. It is pretty obvious that we can earn a pretty fair living playing the local roadhouse circuit. There are tons of places where you can make a nice check, but you really need to commit to it and be willing to wake up in the wrong city five nights per week. I sort of think that I can roll with it for a little while though.


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