I Am on My Way Back Home

It is going to be about a week before I am back on the Gold Coast, right now I am staying in Singapore with a friend of mine who works for the Bank of America there. He lives in this brand new skyscraper called New Futura in Singapore. I got there early and this really good looking Malay girl tried to sell me one of the condos. I had nothing better to do, although I wondered why she did not realize that I was carrying my duffle bag and a surf board. At any rate I went along with it and she showed me all of the display units or whatever it is that you call them. They were all really nice, but when I asked how much it cost I got the impression that I had given things away. I knew it would cost a lot, because every square inch is precious on this island. I tried to get the girl’s number, but she was not even interested and so I went to meet Pete after he got home.

At any rate I am going to spend some time here, but I am not going to be very long. Pete promised to introduce me to a girl and she was not very disappointing, except for the fact that she stayed sober and showed very little interest in my haste to get to know her better. She seemed like she might have been interested if it had been more than what it was. I told her that I was on my way home and she was not looking for something transient. It was not so great of a disappointment as I made it out to be, although I laid it on thick about how heartbroken I was at her rejections. She found this hilarious in fact.


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